Two in One Thermometer with Bluetooth



  • Function: Ear/ Forehead 2 in 1 Infrared Thermometer
  • Display Resolution: 0.1°C or °F
  • Memory Function: 30 sets
  • Talking Function (Optional) • Backlight Function
  • Light bar design for fever alert
  • Date/Time Stamp
  • °C/°F Switchable
  • Operation Environment: 16°C~35°C (60.8°F~95°F)
  • Battery: 2 “AAA” batteries
  • Measuring Accuracy: – Human Body 10°C ~ 50°C(50.0°F~122.0°F) -Object: <=20°: ±1°C; >20°C: ±5%
  • Measuring Accuracy: -Human Body: 36°C~39°C: ±0.2°C; outside the range: ±0.3°C -Object: <=20°: ±1°C; >20°C: ±5%
  • Dimension : (L)134.3mm x (W)42.4mm x (H)47.6mm


Special Design

More function design with talking, backlight, fever light bar and date/time stamp.

Power-On-Self-Test (POST)

For each power-on, this device will process self-test automatically.

Probe Cover Free

More accurate it can eliminate the problem of transmission deviation due to the cover’s material.

Waterproof Probe Design

Easy to clean. Users don’t need to worry about inter-infection.

User Friendly

Due to our unique design of the measuring software, users don’t need to have special skill to operate this device

Big LCD Screen

It’s easy to read. This advantage is especially benefit to elders.

Power Saving Design

Auto power-off after 1 minute idling to ensure battery life.

Automatic Calibrating Production System (ACP)

To make sure the consistency of all products we manufacture. We apply this system to our      manufacturing process.

Measurement Unit Switchable

Temperature reading at Celsius (℃) or Fahrenheit (℉) at user’s own choice.