Contour Next ONE Glucose Meter


Contour Next Smart Meter and App System is the only system you’ll ever need to connect through many stages of your diabetes care.

Diabetes Management in a whole new light:

  • Remarkably accurate results are as easy as red, yellow and green with new smartLIGHT technology – giving you instant feedback on your results*
  • Bluetooth® enabled – you can easily see and share your results right on your smartphone with the FREE CONTOUR® DIABETES app
  • Second-Chance® sampling allows your patients up to 60 seconds to reapply more blood which may help prevent wasted strips while still demonstrating a high degree of accuracy**
  • Christiansen, M. et al. A New, Wireless-enabled Blood Glucose Monitoring System That Links to a Smart Mobile Device: Accuracy and User Performance Evaluation. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology. 2017, Vol. 11(3)567-573.

**Harrison B, Brown D. Performance and Accuracy Capability of a New, Wireless-enabled Blood Glucose Monitoring System That Links to a Smart Mobile Device: Laboratory and Clinical Sample Reapplication Studies. Poster Presented at the 10th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) February 15-18, 2017; Paris, France.

Contour Next Blood Glucose Test Strips offer a simple solution for your testing needs with No Coding® technology, proven accuracy*, fast test time, and small blood sample. Second-Chance® Sampling allows you to apply more blood which may help to prevent wasting test strips and may help to save money.

  • No Coding® technology means one less step in testing and eliminates errors due to user miscoding
  • Second-Chance® sampling allows you to apply more blood which may help prevent wasting test strips and save money
  • Proven accuracy*
  • Automatic compensation for many common interfering substances (such as acetaminophen and vitamin C)**
  • Tiny 0.6 µL blood sample
  • 5-second countdown
  • Exclusively used with the CONTOUR®NEXT portfolio of meters

Bernstein, et al. A New Test Strip Technology Platform for Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose. J Diabetes Sci
Technol 2013; 7(5): 1386-1399.

** Xylose: Do not use during or soon xylose absorption testing. Xylose in the blood will cause an interference.

The easy-to-use Micorlet Next Lancing Device is designed to help minimize pain so you can test with confidence.

The MICROLET® NEXT Lancing Device is new and designed with features to love.

  • Smooth gliding mechanism
  • Locking end-cap and lancet ejector helps prevent accidental lancing with no need to place fingers near the lancet
  • End-cap dial helps minimize pain with 5 clearly visible depth settings
  • Uses MICROLET™ lancets, with silicone coating, which are designed to glide smoothly into the skin